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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Laser Buddy®?

Print your laser-printer document as you normally do. Shake Laser Buddy® can well before using. Holding the nozzle 12-18 inches from the document, apply a very light coat -- almost a "mist" coat -- moving from side to side. If necessary, apply another coat after drying (20-30 seconds).

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How does it work?

Laser Buddy® causes the toner and the material behind the toner to reflect less light, therefore giving the toner areas a darker appearance. It also causes the toner particles to "fuse" together, giving a more solid coverage. Documents treated with our product not only look darker to the eye, but appear even darker to process cameras, plate makers, scanners and copy machines, because they reflect light away from the lens.

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Does it effect the blank areas?

Laser Buddy® is virtually invisible, leaving no visible residue. It effects only the toner areas. Yes, it really works!

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Does it "fix" the toner images?

Yes, even a thin coat of Laser Buddy® will help keep toner from chipping or flaking off. It works great for those page or ad layouts that you use over and over.

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Will it work on ink jet or dot matrix documents?

Laser Buddy® is designed for toner-generated images of all kinds (including plain paper copies), not ink-based images. However, many of our customers report good results with ink-produced documents.

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How many documents will one can treat?

Hundreds. We have customers who use one or two cans per year and we have those who use two cans per week. Our average customer uses about four cans per year. At our weekly newspaper, we use approximately one can per toner cartridge.

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Should I use it on every document?

Laser Buddy® works best on larger graphic areas, such as headline type, reverses, logos, etc. Although it will darken even 10-point type, the effect is not as dramatic. However, if you want to preserve a document, spray it with Laser Buddy!

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How long has it been around?

Shortly after we bought our first laser printer in 1987, we immediately began having the problem of washed-out, or gray-looking documents. We solved the problem with Laser Buddy® in 1988. We began marketing it in 1991.

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Is it really Ozone-Safe?

Absolutely. Aerosol propellants that reportedly had an effect on the Ozone Layer have been banned for years.

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How will it be shipped?

Because Laser Buddy is an aeorsol spray, it's contents are "under pressure" and can only be shipped ground only (Sorry, no next day air service is available). In the continential United States it is shipped UPS Ground Service and should be delivered between 3-6 days (if they are not on strike!).

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