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Welcome to the Laser Buddy website where you will find the latest news and information about people, business, industry, top companies and corporations, vehicles, sports, health and medicine.

You will also find the best deals on business and office products, products for your family and for your personal entertainment and enjoyment.

News & Information

National News Headlines
Read the latest news and headlines about top news stories, politics, business, health and entertainment from the nation's top newspapers and agencies.

People in the News
From 3 Doors Down to Zoe Saldana and almost everyone in between, catch up with the latest news and headlines on your favorite stars and personalities.

Business & Industry News
Up-to-date news and information about a variety of business and industry segments, from retail to financial to manufacturing.

Health and Medical News
Current information and new research on health-related topics, diseases and conditions, medications and medical professions.

Top Companies & Corporations
News updated continually on the top companies and corporations in the United States. Get the latest information on these industry leaders.

Sports Wire
The latest news from college and professional team sports including football, baseball, basketball and hockey, as well as tennis, boxing, racing, soccer, and cycling.

Cars & Trucks
What are the hottest vehicles on the highway? Check out the latest information on the top cars and trucks on the market.

Secure Online Shopping
Find the best bargains and prices on thousands of products on our shopping pages. Search for a specific products or shop for the best deals from the variety of categories of products.

Top Headlines

  Laser Buddy Document Spray

If you are looking for Laser Buddy Document Spray, we apologize for any inconvenience. Due to current market conditions and a seemingly never-ending series of price increases on raw materials, Buddy Products, Inc. has suspended the sale of Laser Buddy Document Spray effective Aug. 14, 2008. Please see our other office products.

  Site Update Info

Because we use the latest news feed technology, our news and information pages are updated continually, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the latest headlines from news services around the world. Our shopping pages are likewise updated continually, to make sure that you get the lowest price available on our products and services.

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